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Who are the people that can use our services?

Our services are dedicated to Moroccan or Foreign professionals who are operating in the construction industry whether they are Property Developers, Men of Art, Buyers or Suppliers.

What are our services?

In short, we provide the linkage between Buyer and Supplier as per Men of the Art’s specifications, to optimize prospection time and cost concerning products and services for Visitors, as well as to limelight Exhibitors catalogs in the construction industry. BTPDevis offers several services with high added value which are detailed on our webpages, including the possibility for Visitors to request quotes online from Exhibitors.

Can I freely contact Visitors?

You can freely contact the Visitors as soon as you receive their contact information.

Are there any additional connection charges?

No connection charges will be requested in addition to your selected subscription.

Should I set aside a commission?

No, there is no commission for carrying out trades.

What are the selection criteria to become an Exhibitor on

Obviously, all Exhibitors must hold a commercial register number or similar. Then, they have to be offering services or products directly related to the construction industry.

What are the selection criteria to visit the online boutiques on

Obviously, all Visitors must hold a commercial register number or similar. Then, our partners should be operating in the construction industry either as Property Developers, Contractors or Men of Art.

Can Visitors view quotes requested through by interested customers?

In compliance with our privacy policy, requested quotes are the exclusive property of the customers who expressed their needs to the concerned suppliers. Moreover, once you make quotation request button, you will proceed with your own e-mail editor to contact the supplier, out of the website

Is my online boutique of products and services accessible to other Exhibitors on

In conformance with our privacy policy, and to hold Exhibitors harmless against and from anticompetitive practices, every Exhibitor has only access to his own online boutique. Access to others’ boutiques is not possible. Only authorized Visitors have free right of access to all the products and services displayed on

As an Exhibitor, can I contact Visitors to announce significant discounts on my products and services?

This option is included in some of our pay offers.

As an Exhibitor, is it mandatory to publicly communicate my prices on

To showcase and distinguish your products and services, BTPDevis highly recommend you to publicly publish your prices, in order to foster orders from Buyers especially, International Visitors. However, if your prices remain confidential, BTPDevis provides an option for quote request by interested Visitors.

What are the methods of payment for a subscription?

We accept all payment methods including online payment.

As an Exhibitor, are there any additional fees to regularly update my online boutique?

Regularly updating the online boutique is performed without any additional fees, by the Exhibitor himself with his administration access.

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