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BTPDevis is an online fair, allowing real-time introduction of an unlimited number of new products as well as the exhibition of all indispensable products and services to the industry of infrastructures and construction. BTPDevis is the achievement of a creative and innovative approach thanks to the value proposition to the industry players, which is combining Speed, Reliability, Efficiency and Flexibility.

Flexibility and efficiency offered by the
« E-Stand » concept enable the exhibitors to:

  • - Introduce an infinite number of items of all kinds with a multitude of features;
  • - Perform real-time reorganizaton of their private boutiques and update of their products and services’ attributes;
  • - Anticipate the latest market trends and identify "Cash Cows" with customized statistics generated by the website BTPDevis.

Access to the Market Place BTPDevis allows buyers to simultaneously achieve different operational performance objectives mainly Reliability, Efficiency, Speed and Flexibility,enabling them to raise their procurement strategies to further dimensions. Indeed, the immediate Login to a credible and updated database with insignificant resources, is an unprecedented optimization in the purchasing process, either upstream for tenders preparation, or downstream for procurement matters.

The library BTPDevis is an integral part of repositories to bed checked for any man of art involved in urban planning, infrastructures and construction projects.
The use of the library BTPDevis facilitates the establishment of realistic estimates related to works to be performed and services to be provided, as it simplifies the proposal of alternatives to basic solutions, thanks to the richness of content available to subscribers, which highlights products and services at the forefront of technology in the construction industry.

Challenges inherent to achieving green constructions and environmentally friendly buildings are motivating sustainability followers to come up with innovative products and services, in order to maximize the environmental quality of constructions. Thus, through the platform BTPDevis, innovation players and supporters of sustainable construction can accelerate the institutionalization of High Environmental Quality practices and materials into the whole value chain of the construction industry.

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